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Bolo Group gives support to foreign customers interested food products of excellence and large distribution.


Bolo Group promotes the internationalization process of small, medium, and large companies that deal with product sectors related to the territory to promote the export of agri-food products to foreign markets.


Our support consists in connecting customers directly with manufacturers of Italian products and helping them in the negotiation and shipment of the products.

the Companies


Boscovivo was born in 1928 by Alfredo Landucci and Franca Bianchini It all started with the passion and love for the Truffle, a product of the earth known throughout the world as the diamond of the kitchen. Over the years, in addition to selecting and promoting the authentic Italian truffle, the inspiration of the Landucci family has given life to a wide range of products, with truffles with a unique flavor.

The prospects of Boscovivoare outlined by creativity, research, continuous improvement of products, attention to customer needs, highly qualified collaborators and advanced technologies, aspects all embed in the production lines of the Landucci family.
The excellent quality of Boscovivo products has been recognized by the highest authorities of the Italian and foreign culinary sector, receiving numerous awards.

Via dei Boschi 34, loc. Badia al Pino – 52041 Civitella in Val di Chiana (AR)
+39 0575 410396        

Casale Ciaffardini

Casale Ciaffardini farm is in the Umbrian hills, in a position blessed by the sun and breeze every morning.

We produce quality grapes and P.D.O. Umbria and Kascher certified extra virgin olive oil.
Our company follows the principles of agri-environmental agriculture, focusing on the vines and olive trees soil care, looking for the quality of the fruits, with an imperative attention in the cellars and in the oil mill.

Località Poggente, 33 – 05018 Orvieto (TR)
+39 366 8906563        

Casale Pozzuolo

In the heart of Tuscany, few steps away from Cinigiano and Orcia, deep in the Maremma region and more precisely in Borgo Santa Rita, in a magical valley that separates and at the same time embraces two DOCG wines, Montalcino and Montecucco, you can find Casale Pozzuolo in all its majesty. This is an extraordinary historic house where you can spend your holidays in Maremma in total peace and relaxation. In this geographical context of great importance and with a magical atmosphere,Casale Pozzuolowith all its beauty, welcomes and takes care of its guests in a place rich in scents and of particular intensity, immersed in the deepest and most rural nature of Maremma.
The vineyards of the annexed farm, with their meticulously cared-for rows of grapes, produce an excellent Montecucco DOCG cred wine: Rosso della Porticcia and Riserva di Rosso della Porticcia. The wonderful swimming pool of the farmhouse and a cosy spa make Casale Pozzuolo a unique place.
The history of Casale Pozzuolo dates back to the mid-1100s: the adverse events brought it from the Piccolomini to Senesi and to the assignees until the first generation of the Galluzzi family, which still owns this beautiful piece of paradise. After five generations, the Galluzzi family is always here in its land, to which it is strongly attached, immersed in the magnificence of Casale Pozzuolo, and it is ready to welcome its guests and give them unforgettable and precious moments.
«My passion stems from the history of this land, which has been destined to viticulture since ancient times. One day, under a fig tree, I promised my grandfather that I would renovate the whole house and replant the vineyards»
Daniele Galluzzi

Strada provinciale, 64 – 58044 Loc Santa Rita Cinigiano (GR)
+39 347 7564988        

Dama Srl

We are a craft company specialized in the production of ready meals. Our company was one of the first in Italy ato dedicate itself to the preservation of ready meals at room temperature.
Our products are kept out of the fridge thanks to the sterilization process carried out in an autoclave, without the addition of preservatives. The right mix between high temperature and pressure allows us to ensure the products an average shelf life of 12 months, keeping the organoleptic characteristics intact.
Among our most prestigious customers, we can count the American airline United, to which we supply our ready meals, especially to the pilots. One of our regulars is the Korean company Starluxe Corporation, , based in Seoul, to which we provide our products, used in dozens of Coffee Beans.
We have customers in Germany Tuttoitaliano GmbH & co and in Poland Glutenex sp.
In Italy, our certified and deductible gluten-free products are sold in pharmacies and distributed by F.T.H.SRL.
You can find our brand Pronti Via in Coop cstores, sold by our Gusto in Cucina srl. PIn addition, we produce ready meals for third parties and private brands.

Our company started as a family-run catering business in 1999. The idea of developing ready meals was conceived in 2006, when we started the production of fresh dishes for the local market of the HORECA industry.
Room temperature products were only developed in 2017 and, since 2018, they have been certified thanks to a study done together with the SSICA of Parma.

Our vision is to bring our products to the kitchens of all families, thanks to our range of wide and diversified products, capable to adapt to all tastes and needs.
Our mission is to maintain the traditional nature of our production, using high quality local products and guaranteeing strict controls over the raw materials and the entire production line.

Elena Borra Distillati

In 1933, in an ancient mill dated 1500, Ugolino began to distill the pomace of the hills of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero. Now, with Elena Borra and her daughter,Caterina, we have reached the fourth generation of distillers, all born in an alembic with the scent of grappa in their nostrils.
Scent of gentle hills covered with vineyards of Nebbiolo, Arneis, Moscato, Barbera and Dolcetto, all wines of our Piedmont.
Perseverance and love for our work have allowed us to continue researching and producing the best, always closely tied to our craftsmanship. In the book L’Italia della Grappa, published in 1970, it is said that our Grappa “è come una cascata di campanelli che ti suonano in bocca e poi dentro è benefica delizia”.
We are always happy to entertain ourselves with those who, even if only out of curiosity, honor us with their visit, which for us is an incentive to produce selected grappas for selected connoisseurs.

Via Molino Vecchio 10 – 14055 Motta di Costigliole d’Asti (AT)
+39 0141 969285        

Evo Sicily

The soul of the company
Carmen and Giusy, women, mothers, linked by the passion and love for oil and wine. Embrace was born from the desire to give the right value to a product full of virtues and source of well-being, capable of describing one of the most unique territories of the world: SICILY, an island that over the centuries has welcomed different peoples and cultures in an overwhelming hug.

An intense recall to the origins and history handed down to us by our grandparents, an in-depth study of the industry and the constant challenge towards innovation have led us to the creation of an extra virgin olive oil that embraces all the features of our beautiful territory.

Via della Vittoria Cort. 2/A n.26/A – Menfi (AG)
+39 393 9170166        

La Fenice

Our wish was to create a product that represented the tradition of our land, “Ciociaria”. La Fenice is created to evoke once again all the flavors, scents, nearly forgotten emotions, through the rediscovery of a sublime handmade “Nonna” recipe.
Our aim is to offer a product with a renewed and refined taste, that preserves its roots in the most ancient tradition, to reach out to an audience increasingly demanding and more careful to quality of the product.
The goal of La Fenice is to fascinate the refined palates, cultivate our passion and share the love for good things.

La Fenice sdistances itself from the sweet and too alcoholic product stereotype. Similar products on the market, in fact, have gradations between 25% vol. and 30% Vol., on the contrary, our Company has chosen to limit the alcohol content (18.50% Vol) and, consequently, reduced the amount of added sugar. We took this decision with the purpose to make a more balanced product, enhancing its main components: wine, 100% Cesanese of Olevano Romano (Buttarelli Cellar), strong and structured, with clear hints of red fruit; cherries, wonderful fruit, with and unmistakable harsh and determined flavor; white almonds offer a smooth fragrance and manage to integrate gently in a concert of freshness and almost forgotten. “La Fenice” represents a novelty within the eno-gastronomic scene; with its low alcohol content, which is the result of the maceration of the cherries in wine, and its balance between herbs, spices and flavors, offers the possibility to be used differently: at the end of meals, as an alternative to traditional distilled liquor or as strong wine to combine with desserts, biscuits or chocolate.

Registered office: Via Aldo Moro, 245 – Frosinone
Head office: Via degli Olmetti, 5 – Formello (RM)
+39 329 8133991 / +39 3281640497        


The Enofoams SRL company was born for conceiving and creating a truly innovative product in the field of catering and home furnishings: the freezerino, a thermal table container for wine bottles (also champagne, water, and various soft drinks) regularly patented and completely Made In Italy.

The company takes care of all stages of production: from the shape molding to the packaging and marketing.

The Longobardi, the company owners, have worked for years in the manufacturing sector, producing women’s bags and leather accessories with exquisite materials for high fashion boutiques and promotional products.

LThe considerable experience acquired by processing various types of leather and the technique used in the polymeric shapes preforming were used to create the Freezerino, a truly innovative idea that combines utility and comfort thanks to the highly insulating internal material, and elegance, thanks to the external materials, such as straw fabric leather enriched by any decoration the client wants to apply or picture he wants to reproduce.

Via Garibaldi 16A – Alba Adriatica (TE)
+39 329 6324079        


Luteraiacomes to life in the heart of Tuscany, under Montepulciano.
A perfect hill for a magical vineyard. Our family, through generations, carries on this harsh but generous reality. The soil of Luteraia cgives healthy and genuine grapes year after year, from which our natural, indigo, and biodynamic wines are born.

Three vineyards for three family generations: Grandpa Marino started the first vineyard in ’57, then my father Sergio in ’93 and then I, Andrea, in 2003. From the synergy of those vines our wines are born:
The Canaiolo which gives the refinement.
The Mammolo for the smoothness.
The Malvasia Bianca for the elegance.
The Trebbiano for the joy.
The Sangiovese for the structure and the longevity.
The Merlot for the color and the roundness.

Everything at Luteraia is treated in a Holistic way, using our “Indigo Philosophy” cwhich embraces tradition and innovation: manual harvesting for the well-being of the grapes, natural bio stimulants for the vines, synergistic compost for the roots and spontaneous vinification with the help of precious stones and crystals.

Luteraia wines are made in the vineyard, then manifested in the wine cellar.
When heart, mind and passion come together, honest, and respectful wines are born, for anyone who tastes them. This is our choice and our perseverance.

Making indigo wines means firmly believing in one’s ideas, so that a dream can come true. Fermenting crystals according to the lunar phases, biodynamic calendar and much more, allow indigo wines to be loved by anyone, leaving a euphoric feeling of well-being and kindness.

Luteraia is tradition, Literaia is innovation, especially the indigo wines with Lidea, Loseè and Lemuria.

The Sensory cexperience with Lemuria is what transforms a wine into a precious and unforgettable memory. Unparalleled with any culinary combination, the wine moves harmoniously between the flavors it encounters, making each delicacy an explosion of taste and pleasure. Lemuria is an amphoteric wine, which captures the personality of each of us and returns the opportunity to grasp our essence through the complexity of its sensoriality.

Via Luteraia 4 – 53045 Acquaviva di Montepulciano (SI)
+39 324 8049302        

Nepos Villae

A charming 16th century mansion and a prestigious vineyard in Negrar. Nepos Villae nlives where the earth is made of stone and the vineyard takes root on blocks of fossil marl. A terracing supported by ancient stone walls.
Gianfranco, Gilberto and Maria Chiara are keepers of the time and accompany young Francesco through a beautiful winemaking’s adventure in the Valpolicella Classica. Passion, dedication and loyalty are the values that merge in this project of excellence.
Stories of wine and life in the vineyard. The enhancement of an ancient vineyard and its sublimation in the bottle.

The Ruffo family has given voice to this jewel of the Negrar valley, a sincere tribute to women and men who belonged to these lands

Via Rita Rosani, 1 – 37024 Villa di Negrar (VR)
+39 329 5345126 / +39 348 5844766        


A creative expression of Chef Luz

The story of Pandilù begins in the hearth of the house of Luz Dary Suarez, in Buenaventura. Luz learns the ancient tradition of Colombian cuisine from her grandmother which consists in Empanadas stuffed with assorted, tasty filling and Arepas accompanied by various types of sauces and cheeses. A tradition that the chef renews with the Pandilù products, combined with the style, the technique, and the culture of the good Italian food.

Via Appia Nazionale, 218 – 81100 Caserta (CE)
+39 328 227 3102        

Paola Loi Agrocasearia

The company was born from the combined experiences of the Loi and Uleri families and deals with sheep breeding, including the forage management and the production of dairy products from sheep’s milk, like cheeses, ricotta, yogurt and other products which are currently in development.

The activity is strictly traditional , while being carried out in absolute accordance with the current health regulations.

The company is therefore dedicated to excellence and to the effort to create an appropriate image and aiming to testify, with its symbolism, the exclusivity of the product, which has already been introduced to the public with a special Geo&Geo broadcast, aired on national network in 2010.

Toscana – Loc. Cupi, 53 – 58051 Magliano in Toscana (GR)
Lazio – Località Roggi Podere, 13 – 01011 Canino (VT)
+39 328 358 0528        

Perla del Mediterraneo

La Perla del Mediterraneo is a dairy farm that produces buffalo mozzarella and dairy products of great quality in the shadow of the temples of Paestum (SA).
The company was founded in the 90s by Davide and Pasquale Colangelo. The Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP from La Perla del Mediterraneo is produced with fresh and healthy milk from carefully selected farms in the Piana del Sele. The manufacturing process combines the centuries-old craftmanship of cheesemaking with the most modern production technologies. From this combination of tradition and innovation, excellent results in terms of authenticity, freshness and fragrance are born.
In addition to quality, the company puts great attention to safety, guaranteed daily by scrupulous controls of the milk and of the entire production chain.
The production boasts an extended choice: in addition to the traditional products based on buffalo milk such as Mozzarella (also lactose-free), Treccia, Provola, Ricotta, Burro, Formaggio spalmabile and Yogurt, we also offer special formats such as Perline (15g), Mozzarellone (500g) and Treccione (2Kg).

Via Provinciale, 212 – Loc. Ponte Barizzo – 84047 Capaccio Paestum (SA)
+39 0828 871 097        

Tenuta Pietramora

19 years have passed since the day we arrived on this hill after careful research and it seemed like heaven suddenly. The Pietramora vineyard is perfectly exposed to the warm Tuscan sun and has regular sea breezes caressing the vines. The natural cracks in its soil, penetrating scents from the nearby woods and olive groves, in conjunction with the colors of the surrounding sycamore trees, provide the perfect microclimate for Sangiovese vine growing.

Through our belief in the character of the Sangiovese grape, and the learning process of how best to till our soil in order to reveal its personality and richness, we were able to exalt a terroir with a marked and highly pronounced character.

We have invested much time, energy, and dreams into this land kissed by God, which has endowed us with a unique product a Morellino of Scansano with unmistakable characters. Come and discover it for yourself, you will come to love it and the land that generated it as well.

Località Polveraia – 58054 Scansano (GR)
+39 0564 543111        

Terre Bianche

Terre Bianche was born in 1980 between Langa and Monferrato among the white and sweet fields of the most known hills of the territory. It is situated exactly at the middle of the cities of Alba and Asti. The Hazelnut tree cultivation has always been done in this little village and the harvest of the goodest Hazelnuts of the world had been hand down from one generation to another.
Our family decided to embark on this path not only to carry on the tradition of our country but first to give value to the sacrifices and efforts of our fathers and grandfathers. Terre Bianche is a family business and has deep roots linked to Hazelnut cultivation. The production started form the eldest that with big efforts left an important inherence.
Our family using all the innovational instruments available nowadays cultivates and produces IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts and through artisanal and high-quality raw materials creates gourmet products with an exceptional taste. Our plots are mainly located in the municipality of Castagnole delle Lanze (in Piedmont in the Province of Asti) and only a small part is in the neighbouring countries. We cultivate and maintain about 30 hectares of land exclusively with plantations of IGP PIEDMONT HAZELNUT of Langhe that, from mid-August to mid-September give us this delicious fruit; we harvest our IGP Piedmont Hazelnut of Langhe with vanguards tools, we select the harvest several times to obtain only the best quality and then we store it in large silos, ready for the various processes.
The Hazelnut we produce is the IGP PIEDMONT GENTLE TOUND TRILOBITE of the Langhe: it is considered an excellence, with a unique and unmistakable round shape with three lobes, a crispy body and a profoundly sweet taste. It is a product that only the white earths in our Langhe and Monferrato can give.

Via G. Abbate n. 157 – 14054 Castagnole delle Lanze (AT)
+39 366 4492803        

Unaltro Caffè

UNALTRO was born from the passion for coffee, the result of a typical Italian tradition.

Our goal is to make every cup of espresso a unique experience.

Our UNALTRO staff is constantly committed to study and research to better understand all the characteristics of the various coffee types to roast and blend them perfectly, making the most of each bean.

Consorzio ASI – 80014 Giugliano in Campania (NA)
+39 081 215 3559        

Vie d’Alt

Where the vines flourish we harvest the fruit. Our wines are scented, elegant, genuine, generous, and are all about Friuli. “Vie d’Alt” describes the land, and has become the name of the vineyard “Via Alta” Antonio Venica purchased back in 1915.

Family is our strength. Three sisters that share the same passion: Nadia and Luca, Mara and Christian, and Giulia; we are the fourth generation to have picked up the baton leading the estate and winery into the future without renouncing the traditions left to us by our parents, Bruno, and Paola.

The new winery and cellar are the beating heart of the estate. The 18 hectares of vineyards on the hills that are the backdrop of Prepotto, in the premium Friuli Colli Orientali DOC winegrowing area, enjoy a unique microclimate and suitable soil.

The truth is that we love what we do: we harvest the grapes by hand, we safeguard the flora and wildlife by not using herbicides, and we follow the natural cycles of nature implementing integrated low impact vineyard practices. And above all we hate rushing things; great winegrowing requires time and patience!

Via Craoretto, 16 – 33040 Prepotto (UD)
+39 0432 713069        


Grosseto – Via Vinzaglio 22
+39 3315955406

Stará Vajnorská 17/A
831 04 Bratislava
+421 940657537

Ivrea (TO) – Via Jervis 77
(Palazzo Uffici Olivetti)

1301 NE 7 Th street UNIT 204
Hallandale Beach – 33009 (Florida)
+1(754) 302-0036

Termini Imerese (PA) – C.da Tonnarella
+39 3482913978


Grosseto – Via Vinzaglio 22
+39 3315955406


Ivrea (TO) – Via Jervis 77
(Palazzo Uffici Olivetti)


Termini Imerese (PA) – C.da Tonnarella
+39 3482913978

Stará Vajnorská 17/A
831 04 Bratislava
+421 940657537

1301 NE 7 Th street UNIT 204
Hallandale Beach – 33009 (Florida)
+1(754) 302-0036

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